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"We hired Yasmina for my best friend's wedding & we could not have been more than satisfied with her excellent service!! She is very organized! Very Professional! Very attentive to details! Every single guest we had raved about her drinks. She even made Shirley Temples for the kids. If you need a great attentive & professional bartender, Yasmina is the one!"

-Lourdes A.

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Yasmina's Craft Bar is a full service bar company with the exception of Alcohol. When we purchase every ingredient, we think of everything from the type of ingredient, type of ice, it's garnish and to the type of cup resulting in amazing and unique handcrafted cocktails. We believe that each cocktail should not only taste amazing but also look beautiful. What separates us from your regular bartender is that we treat your special occasion as if it was one of ours and customize each menu to you and your guests! You can choose to have Classic or Signature Cocktails. We make our cocktails with natural ingredients and handcraft each cocktail to order for you and your guests (we do not pre-make our drinks). We take pride in our process and we want to share it with you. We don't use pre-made ingredients such as margarita mix, ingredients with food coloring, fructose corn syrup, or the weird ingredients listed on the back of the bottles. We also prepare all of our syrups in house, juice fresh citrus, and muddle fresh fruits and herbs especially for your event. We service in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and surrounding areas. We offer a professional, friendly, and unique experience for you and your guests. Our goal is to allow you to have fun while we take care of the bar. It is our priority to work with you and guide you through the entire process. If you need help creating a menu for your special occasion, our assistance will be provided in creating a menu for you and your guests. Need help deciding what Alcohol and how much to purchase for your event? We will give you a list of the things you will need. Our mission at Yasmina's Craft Bar is to ensure your celebration is enjoyable and fun. 





Her Story

Being raised in a ranch, Yasmina learned to work at a young age growing fresh ingredients. Everything that they ate was raised and grown by her and her family. It's clear that she was no stranger to work. When she turned 18 years old, she landed a job at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. She started from the bottom and became part of the management team within 9 months of employment. She wanted to find out everything there had to do with owning her own business and as a result, she signed up for college to expand her knowledge. While going to school and work, she was offered a bartending job at the Hollywood Banquet Hall & the Vatican. It was there where she began working closely with clients that she decided to start her own business. Unfortunately, juggling school, 2 jobs, and her own business took a toll on her and ended up losing everything. It took almost 2 years for her health to get better. Not wanting to give up, during those 2 years she studied the art of mixology with everything that she could get her hands on. In early 2016, she began building her team. Her plan was to create a business utilizing ingredients that she grew up with and incorporating them into modern mixology. She wanted to give a unique experience to her clients and their guests and so Yasmina's Craft Bar was born in 2017.

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